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Also included are resources on the intersection of domestic and sexual violence and reproductive justice, and information on federal and state policies surrounding the issue.

In the countries of Levant, people much of basil in the evenings to promote sleep and drink an infusion of it in the morning to bring alertness.Boneset - This plant is used to treat the effects of the flu. It also goes into sore throat medications along with plants such as horehound, wild cherry bark, honey, and alcohol.It is also used to induce sweating with fever and is a treatment for pneumonia, pleurisy, rheumatism, muscular pains, and (unsuccessfully) for malaria. Mare's Milk - A commonly used cure for diptheria in children.In a seeming paradox, the British and German systems were developed by the more conservative governments in power, specifically as a defense to counter expansion of the socialist and labor parties.They used insurance against the cost of sickness as a way of “turning benevolence to power”.If you wish to try herbal remedies, use them for conditions that you know are not serious and will eventually clear up by themselves (for example, colds or minor pains).

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