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Texas Teachers may combine information about you with information we receive from the State of Texas, Texas Education Agency (TEA), State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC), and Texas state-approved testing vendors.

When you submit an application to us, we ask for information such as your name, e-mail address, birth date, ZIP code, employment history, gender, ethnicity, Social Security number, personal interests, educational background, and phone numbers.

To the greatest extent possible, the attorney shall discuss with the proposed ward:(1) the law and facts of the case;(2) the proposed ward's legal options regarding disposition of the case;(3) the grounds on which guardianship is sought; and(4) whether alternatives to guardianship would meet the needs of the proposed ward and avoid the need for the appointment of a guardian.(b) Before the hearing, the attorney ad litem shall review:(1) the application for guardianship;(2) certificates of current physical, medical, and intellectual examinations; and(3) all of the proposed ward's relevant medical, psychological, and intellectual testing records.(c) Before the hearing, the attorney ad litem shall discuss with the proposed ward the attorney ad litem's opinion regarding:(1) whether a guardianship is necessary for the proposed ward; and(2) if a guardianship is necessary, the specific powers or duties of the guardian that should be limited if the proposed ward receives supports and services.

Texas Teachers automatically recognizes and stores information from your web browsing session including the domain name, aggregate non-personal information on what pages you visit or access, information volunteered by you, such as preferences, survey information, and our online application.Green Singles has over 85,000 "conscious singles" from all over the world for you to meet-- progressive singles in the environmental, vegetarian, permies and animal rights communities.We are the oldest, largest, exclusively "green/conscious/spiritual" dating site on the Internet where you can meet someone with complimentary beliefs and values.The physician or psychologist shall conduct the examination according to the rules adopted by the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation and shall submit written findings and recommendations to the court.In certain cases, the physician or psychologist may be asked to testify as to the nature and degree of the proposed ward’s incapacity. The attorney may have access to all of the proposed ward's relevant medical, psychological, and intellectual testing records.

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