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“I don’t have any kind of days off or anything,” Alison Mosshart said from Florida, where she’d just flown in after a brief pit stop at home in Nashville in the midst of touring with Jamie Hince for their band The Kills.So visiting the exhibition she's currently part of in Berlin has been pretty much out of the question, though that hasn't stopped her presence from being felt at the show: A group of her photos from life on the road, including some of Mosshart herself, are on display alongside other instant analog film mementoes by the likes of Maripol and Jack White (Mosshart's bandmate in the Dead Weather), in a show organized by the Impossible Project.It would have been so long ago that I can’t even remember.Last concert you saw live, other than your own: LCD Soundsystem. I’m so glad they’re touring again, they’re killing it., and Alison drew out an achingly gorgeous vulnerable quality she usually keeps under wraps.Expect to see much more from her unless she falls prey to the cliched pitfalls of the lifestyle. His starshine undeniably illuminates the entire room.Alison Nicole Mosshart (born November 23, 1978) is an American singer, songwriter, artist, and occasional model best known as the lead vocalist for the indie rock band The Kills and blues rock band The Dead Weather.She started her musical career in 1995 with the Florida punk rock band Discount which disbanded in 2000.

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They have a photo booth in the studio and they took pictures of each band members and included it with the LPs.She also featured on Cage the Elephant's song "It's Just Forever", from "Melophobia".Mosshart also joined The Last Shadow Puppets on stage in 2008, in The Live Olympia Theatre in Paris. Before the two even met, Mosshart, while on tour with her previous band, overheard Hince playing music in a squat above.To say I was looking forward to this show would be an extreme understatement.Reveling in both Horehound and Sea of Cowards, and harboring a huge lady boner for Mz.In The Kills' first album, Mosshart was known by her stage name "VV" and Hince was known as "Hotel".

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