Band like sex cam


Whether you own Dolly Parton's entire discography or the only country music you've ever heard is Taylor Swift circa 2006, here are a few breakout artists to mix in with your Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.Why you should listen: You may have already heard of Cam, short for Camaron Ochs, thanks to her breakout single "Burning House," a heartbreaking ballad about regret.But in the past few years, the genre has become known for its more bro-y sensibilities, as well as outright sexism — never forget Keith Hill's infamous "women are tomatoes" comment from 2015.That hasn't stopped women from making great country music, though, because once you look past the dudes and their booze cruises, the genre is more vital than ever.

One early band, Thursday’s Children, played dingy, junkie-filled blues clubs on the then-decrepit Upper West Side, where they were once booked to play with an outrageous young guitarist named Jimmy James.

The lineup for the third installment of our vibrant music documentary series Sound Vision has been announced and will run from July 29 – August 7.

The series, a feast for the eyes and ears, is a true testament to the enduring and mutually enriching relationship between cinema and music.

Lou’ana Pereira- Dinnan was born singing naturally.

From a young age she was completely immersed in music and performance.

“MJ was where Philly kind of took us in,” says Brendan Lukens, a 23-year-old with chin scruff and chipmunk cheeks.

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