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Micha Peled’s stunning undercover film follows Jasmine, one of many teenagers working at a blue jeans factory, struggling to survive brutal work conditions.

True Blue is a short film about a farming family, struggling to cope in the face of a crippling drought.

We have settled on a beautiful property just outside of Winton where we will make our story come to life.

The entire cast and crew will travel from Brisbane to Longreach, with a bus full of equipment, to camp on a cattle station for five days. TO STAY UPDATED WITH TRUE BLUE, GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE:https:// of the money raised will go towards finishing True Blue!

Richard Linklater, when approached with Hawke by the idea of a biopic, had his own idea of making a Baker film about a day-in-the-life story about the day before Baker tried heroin for the first time.

Meanwhile, he must answer to a probation officer, and ensure he is employed, while sticking to his regime of methadone treatment.

Born to Be Blue received positive reviews from film critics, with Hawke's performance receiving praise.

Shooting the breeze is one of my favourite hobbies. When someone contacts me online or via text, I occasionally need some time to reply, or don't want to. Before being bought by Facebook for bn, stress-free chat was its ; unlike FB Messenger, it wasn’t just a social media add-on. Today it's announced the arrival of the “double blue tick”.

That’s why it infuriated me when Facebook introduced the “seen” feature back in 2012, which alerts the person you’re chatting to on Messenger when you read their message. Unlike the single blue tick (which means that your friend can only see when your handset receives their message), two ticks means that they can see when you’ve read it.

Before Facebook’s “seen” feature, where was the precedent for this?

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