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(1) (2) (3) (4) I was sitting in a garden along with other people an argument erupted among the young Guys who claim to have widely gone and live with most Nigerian TRIBES and assume they know which tribe love Sex more. Their youths marry so early mostly to prevent fornication and by the time they are thirty they would've married up to three to four wives.both tribes practice same religion, the hausa culture coupled with islam brought about their way of life.They would stay in such places for hours until someone comes up to offer an acceptable price; then they would go with him for the night or short time and later return to the same spot.However, things have since changed and that era seems long forgotten as the girls now have become wary of some clients or watch out for hoodlums who attack them at night.Girls and ladies of different ages, some as young as eleven, in a bid to get clients, come out in provocative dresses to places like Margaret Ekpo International Airport Field, Atekobg Drive, Third Avenue on the State Housing Estate, MCC Road, Eta Agbo Road, Mary Slessor Avenue, Calabar Road and several other places, where men converge at night to have drinks or relax, in search of those who could pay to have "short time" or spend the night with them in exchange for cash.In years past, the practice was for these girls, in groups of two or three, for fear of being recognised by friends, neighbours or fellow classmates in the case of university students, to select secluded areas or dark spots along the red light zones to display their wares, like buttocks, breasts or faces or whichever part of their bodies they felt hold the best attraction for men.

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If it weren’t for the sheer stroke of luck that the clients were Pakistani and rather than take offence, saw it as a competition and fired me back with their garlic bread bombs, I’d have lost out on the project. – If you date a Calabar girl, just be ready to join Club 404 and also be prepared to be snarled, chased and hated by every dog you come across. They don’t call them, Man’s Best Friend for nothing.He had that air of boldness and confidence around him, and his poise was breathtaking.He swept me off my feet right from the first day I resumed at UBA.Now, before you call this an unfair generalisation, remember, I used to be short so I have first-hand knowledge of this inherent rage also my ex-girlfriend is Calabar, so I know what it is I speak of.– The diatribe hasn’t ended, and if you’re someone who’s suffered as much as I, you’d continue too: Afang soup!Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Which Nigerian Tribe Likes SEX MORE? They cought my attention and got thinking of which Tribe really loves sex most. Those alhjis also ain't exempted as they fvck young ladies anyhow is a matter of religion?

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