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Nawranj Iranian Association (NIA) is a non- profit, non-partisan, social and cultural organization based in University of Toronto.

Nawranj promotes Iranian art, history, music and seeks a common vision among multicultural communities.

In the 1980s and during most of the 1990s several thousand Iranians came to Canada each year, and the trend has continued to date.

Before the 1970s Iranians migrated to Canada mostly for educational and economic or investment opportunities.

Kahrizak Foundation of Canada: A registered Canadian charitable organization dedicated to raising funds in order to support MS patients, elderly and disabled individuals in the care of Kahrizak Foundation of Iran.

IRQR assists asylum seeking LGBT with finding refuge and provide them with the opportunity for a new chance at life.

Some of the trauma is tamed now, but many nights it still claws her from her sleep.

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More than 100,000 Iranian-Canadians are worrying about loved ones in repressive Iran this week as they prepare to celebrate the Iranian new year on Saturday, March 20, 2010. Meanwhile, here is an extensive 2007 piece on Iranian women in Canada. Poregbal lives among more than 10,000 Iranian-Canadians in the Vancouver area’s North Shore, at the foot of evergreen-covered mountains that remind her of northern Iran. Outgoing and feisty, Poregbal is one of only a few Iranian-Canadians who would talk on the record to about issues facing Iranian women and her oil-rich homeland, which has long drawn the attention of Western powers.

The Canadian Iranian Medical Association called "CIMA" is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization, which serves Iranian Physicians in Canada.

CIMA was founded by a group of Iranian Physicians in Toronto in early 2002.

We do this by providing education, guidance and support to individuals in making asylum claims outside of Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and assist them throughout the resettlement process.

Under Islamic Republic of Iran law, LGBT face systemic persecution and are deemed to be criminals just for being who they are.

As a result they face prosecution and punishment ranging from flogging to the death penalty.

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