Christian and jehovah witness dating


They declared that Jesus DID return in 1914—He just did it invisibly!

Lorri Mac Gregor explains the contortions involved in this spin.

He only accepted what Christ did on the cross so believing that it is necessary to do good works in order to be saved is contrary to biblical doctrine (Eph 2:8-9).

Works have their place but a person is not saved by works but a person that’s saved will naturally do good works because God’s Spirit lives in him or her.

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I believe when 2 hearts are joined and they are both happy that's what's important. or throwing in 'issues' to stop something that feels so natural it's wrong. But since you state you didn't see his religion as "something to concern myself with" then I would assume if you are a Christian, it is not that important to you.Christians throughout the centuries have been proclaiming the Second Coming of Christ for 2,000 years.Each one longs in his heart for the Redeemer to return and bring His judgments and the peaceful millennial reign to follow.What are the differences between Christianity and Jehovah Witnesses? One of the most glaring differences between Christianity and the Jehovah Witnesses is that Jesus is either God and has always existed or He was a created being and thus, not fully God.What they believe and what Christians believe are crucial because if you don’t have the right Jesus, you’ve got the wrong Savior, meaning no Savior at all. and I personally didn't see it as something I needed to concern myself with. Thank you, Christina You don't mention if you are a Christian or not.

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