Craig david dating beyonce dating a best friend good or bad

She said there were quite a few references to urban slang words, and that the notes included details of Miss Stone's date and place of birth and a biography of her musical career, including the albums she has released.Liverpool and Bradshaw are charged with plotting to rob and kill Miss Stone, who they called a 'she-Devil', before dumping her decapitated body in a river in June 2011.Liverpool had also written a reminder to buy a hooded top, car insurance, a safe and open a bank account, Exeter Crown Court heard.He wrote of "war", "warlord £1" and of "missions" to "rob" and "discipline".

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Kevin Liverpool, 35, wrote down in a diary his thoughts about the soul singer, with one entry reading: "God doesn't give a f***. The diaries were seized from the flat in Longsight, Manchester, where Liverpool and his co-accused Junior Bradshaw, 32, were living before they were arrested in June 2011, seven miles from the home of the soul diva.

The '7 Days' singer has risen out of the pit of university tours to break the charts again with modern-sounding hits like 'Ain't Giving Up' with Sigala.

He's not afraid of the odd throwback to the early 2000s though, from selfies with a Chuckle Brother to BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performances like this: We didn't know we needed a Craig David rendition of that Destiny's Child classic 'Say My Name' in our lives, but we did.

Beyonce's due date is fast approaching, with twins on the way.

And even in the last leg of her pregnancy, nothing could stop the superstar from looking alluring. Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles, has been accused of defrauding his former lawyers to the tune of ,000 for refusing to pay a legal bill - despite auctioning off some of his daughter's memorabilia.

And singer Craig David, 35, once again addressed persistent rumours surrounding his sexuality on Wednesday, telling KIIS FM's The Thinkergirls that he's definitely straight, and added that the seemingly never-ending speculation doesn't bother him.

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