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I invite your comments about this website - and in particular if you have something to share regarding a personal connection to this once wonderful city that history seems to want us to forget about.

Posting your information here will help preserve the memory of those who lived and worked there for so many generations and built the vibrant and thriving city and its community that were so viciously annihilated at the end of WWII.

The findings may have ramifications for validating Paul’s authorship of 1 Timothy.

Our mother was originally from the village of Steffensfelde which was near a larger town known as Gumbinnen.Especially in the past half-century, discoveries in Ephesus have shed light on New Testament backgrounds.Perhaps the most significant is information about the distinctly Ephesian Artemis, the city’s preeminent goddess.Among the marble, frescoes, and mosaics, visitors can imagine the world people inhabited during the political, cultural, and religious heyday of Ephesus.That Mediterranean city shone as the jewel in the crown of the Roman Empire’s wealthiest province.I keep getting messages from fake facebook pages also from these women.

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