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With the installation of additional software on your computer, both also allow scheduling meetings from Outlook calendar.Both schedulers allow you to specify a meeting topic, date, time, and duration.

In this article I’ll outline various tips and tricks that let you create different types of forms quickly and with minimum hassle using the Webix framework.Click "Add person", call it "Web Ex", and click "Save".You'll now be in a browser window with "Web Ex" in the top-right corner (it's called a profile). Don't use the Web Ex profile for anything else than Web Ex.As a web designer, the chances are that you have to create web forms on a fairly regular basis.This is often a thankless task and one fraught with headaches (especially if you’re doing something more complex, such as creating a multi-step form).Both also include advance scheduler options that allow you to assign alternate hosts and schedule a meeting on behalf of someone else.

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