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Two days later at a political rally she met her Leonard.” “He’s a neb,” I say. Originally posted on The Huffington Post: Thursday, November 11, 2010 | by Barbara Rose Brooker “You’ll know me. I look like Clint,” says 74- year-old widower Ian Goldblatt. I’m almost 75.” “Honey, he’s just around the corner. As if all your dreams are supposed to disintegrate like bubbles in the wind? Marlene Blumberg used this great feng shui guy named Sann Go. Originally posted in The Huffington Post: Thursday, April 21, 2011 | by Barbara Rose Brooker “I’ll be in San Francisco. I can’t wait to see you,” Debbie, my old friend, says. As if all you’re supposed to want to do is play […] Read All ...

Does that mean that no families in the United States has eight (or even more) children?

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She falls madly in love with Marv Rothstein, a 75 year old emotionally unavailable diamond dealer who can't face age.

She places ads on Internet singles sites and interviews men over sixty.

From the writer who charmed you with The Viagra Diaries, Should I Sleep in His Dead Wife’s Bed, So Long Princess, Morrow, and God Doesn’t Make Trash, Barbara Rose is engaging audiences with her new and most inspiring novel yet! Originally Posted on The Huffington Post: Thursday, August 4, 2011 | by Barbara Rose Brooker “Feng shui will turn things around for you,” says my best friend, Janet Frumpkin.

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