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But for the purposes of this article, were going to define a 'living fossil' as an ancient species that (1) hasnt gone extinct, (2) has not produced, or radiated, many new species (i.e.low taxonomic diversity), and (3) has remained relatively unchanged over the course of millennia.There are literally dozens upon dozens of living fossils, but these are some of the most fascinating: Though not often considered a 'living fossil', cyanobacteria have been kicking around for practically forever and will continue to do so well into the future.In fact, like many other strains of bacteria, theyre one of the most successful groups of organisms this planet has ever seen, and include some of the first life forms to evolve on Earth.But for the most part, these species have settled on environmental niches in which morphological forms and behavioural modes havent required a lot of tweaking.

The salt flat is so reflective, it’s used to calibrate satellites.

This 240-meter-long cave system has been one of Guilin, China’s most popular attractions for over 1200 years.

The beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and pillars were all created through water erosion.

0620 Hours- fuel mixture on starboard engine seems too rich, adjustment made and Pratt Whittneys are running smoothly. 0800 Hours- Slight turbulence noted from easterly direction at altitude of 2321 feet, correction to 1700 feet, no further turbu lence, but tail wind increases, slight adjustment in throttle controls, aircraft performing very well now. 1135 Hours- Our radio crackles and a voice comes through in English with what perhaps is a slight Nordic or Germanic accent! The aircraft is under some strange control and is now turning itself. The downward motion is negligible, and we touch down with only a slight jolt!

0815 Hours- Radio Check with base camp, situation normal. 1145 Hours- I am making a hasty last entry in the flight log.

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