Edith bowman dating


The DJ has a bicuspid, rather than a tricuspid, aortic valve - a defect that can cause a narrowing of the valve relatively early in life.It essentially means she has a two-way rather than a three-way valve and that her heart is under greater strain than a normal one. In extreme cases, the condition requires a transplant.Her heart problem was only discovered four years ago when she became exhausted after rushing between music festivals with then radio co-host Colin Murray."I'd overworked myself. That’s a bit like being asked: What’s your favourite album? The question itself is enough to make me want to throw myself around the room and dance as though no one is watching – childlike, I know. I think the first time I felt a new type of love, other than what I’d felt for a partner or family member, was when my nephew Kerr was born.

The heart problem, diagnosed four years ago, makes having a child a far greater risk for the radio DJ, and means a natural birth is out of the question because it would put too much strain on her heart.I finished with a good 40 minutes to spare, with no kids, no work – nothing to do except whatever I wanted.I spied a sushi restaurant next to the cinema, lit with an angelic-like beacon.Every day I learn something new about them and myself.It’s not easy, it’s hard work but it’s incredibly rewarding and I’m very thankful that I have such wonderful support around me.After ordering my favourite lunch, a gentleman sat down to my left. I replied: ‘Scotland, but I live in London.’ Over the next 30 minutes, I took part in an interesting, light-hearted chat with a total stranger. I normally eat alone and it’s a lovely gesture to make at this festive time of year.’ I had no reply except for: ‘Thank you.

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