Emma watson rupert grint dating 2016

Since meeting on the set of the first film back in 2000, they have developed a very close brother-sister relationship so it's completely understandable how uncomfortable having to do that was. “We were both just like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe we have to do this. Really awkward.’ So I could take comfort in the fact that Rupert felt the same way.

Imagine knowing someone since childhood as a friend -- and then having to kiss them... VISIT IT: J-14 Magazine's Harry Potter Microsite "She really went for it, I have to say," Dan admits.

Maybe even this girl, I mean horse, could like me back, even though we were only costars.” – at this, Daniel had to wipe the drool from his chin.

In Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2, we were finally given the opportunity to feast our eyes on what we had all been waiting for...

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movie series based on the books of the same name, has recently come out and denied any and all non-existent rumors that he is madly in love with his much more attractive and talented costar, Emma Watson, at a recent holiday reunion.

Beginning in 2002, Grint began to work outside of the Harry Potter franchise, playing a co-leading role in Thunderpants.

He has had starring roles in Driving Lessons, a dramedy released in 2006, and Cherrybomb, a drama film of limited release in 2010.

That's exactly what Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson say they had to do on the set of , hitting theaters on Friday, November 19.

"It caught me slightly off guard, but yeah, I'm not complaining.

‘It was a big thing in the books about [Hermione’s] teeth.

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