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He hit the headlines worldwide last month after publishing an essay in the online magazine Zocalo Public Square, which argues that most practising doctors would not put themselves through ‘life-saving’ interventions that are big on promises, but small on success, and involve great pain and distress. Years of practising medicine make doctors realistic about their chances, and they know that having illnesses such as advanced pancreactic cancer means there’s only a tiny chance of survival.

It's an awful tragedy because dad had been helping Sean shift his stuff to his house earlier. Locals who smelled smoke raised the alarm and the building was evacuated by gardaí and the fire brigade.

Both dad and Sean were very well known in the town." Post-mortem examinations have been carried out on the bodies at Sligo Regional Hospital and the results will be forwarded to the county coroner.

Sonny and Sean had become great friends with everyone in the Snug over the years and it's very hard to believe we won't be filling a pint or boiling the kettle for either of these two great people again.

The only comfort anyone can take, it's that they were always like two peas in a pod and thankfully they are both still together." Gardaí sealed off the scene of the fire for a technical examination, but the cause of the blaze is not believed to be suspicious.

If I had the disease, I would not attempt any of the treatments for it, such as chemotherapy, because it can be gruelling and misery-making, and the success rate is extremely low.

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