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Due to the unique bill design, snags and hangups are greatly reduced.

Anglers can now fish with confidence knowing that stick-ups, stump fields and timber won’t slow them down.

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You might hate being forced to use Facebook Messenger — but that doesn't mean the app is invading your privacy or part of some vast conspiracy to track all of your actions.

In the days since Facebook started requiring i Phone and Android users to download the stand-alone Facebook Messenger app to continue chatting with friends and family members, the backlash has been swift.

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Today, text and chat abbreviations are used in Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, email, Internet and online gaming services, chat rooms, discussion boards and mobile phone text messaging (SMS).

As much as that makes it sound like an NSA spying tool, the Messenger app does not do anything or ask for anything different than the regular Facebook app.

It's also not any different from any other messaging app out there.

This collection of baits will showcase the “classic’s”, that no matter what fads come and go in the fishing world, these baits will always end up back in his personal tackle box.

Designed by Elite Series pro Rick Clunn, the 3/4-ounce Luck-E-Strike Freak Deep Diving Crankbait sports an odd square bill that helps achieve a 20 foot diving depth.

While it does seem incredible that there are To keep our chat guide user-friendly for all ages, some inappropriate words have been edited to include an alternate meaning.

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