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it presents artifacts from archaeological sites in Jordan, dating from prehistoric times to the 15th century.The collections are arranged in chronological order and include items of everyday life such as flint, glass, metal and pottery objects, as well as more artistic items such as jewelry and statues. The museum formerly housed some of the Dead Sea Scrolls, including the only copper scroll, which are now on display in the newly established Jordan Museum, along with the Ain Ghazal statues, which are among the oldest statues ever made by human civilization..The museum is located in the Amman Citadel in Amman, one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world.

"Unlike every other contestant on this show who was flown for final selection and finalized spot on the show in January, I was never contacted nor was the show even on my radar until early March.I have dated guys from diff backgrounds eg: Europeans and Asians, though I find my culture alittle bit closer to his, I can't help noticing the difference. But sometimes his behaviour can be abit hard to adjust to.We both love each other and he's been talking about marriage and stuff. Am very confused and he says he needs some time to "expose the truth" to his parents. Prior to 1967, the museum had a branch in East Jerusalem.WATCH: Jordan Rodgers Accused of Cheating, Wanting Fame by Trainer Claiming to Be His Ex Last week, a source who uses the exclusive app spotted Rodgers (aka @jrodgers11) while seeking eligible bachelors.She was also aware that he was the younger brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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