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Join us for a panel discussion with national practitioners who have been working at the forefront of the intersections of dance and disability.AXIS Dance will share highlights from their recent national convening on the future of physically integrated dance in the U. and Dance/NYC will share recommendations, findings, and accomplishments from the Dance/NYC Dance Disability Initiative aimed at increasing inclusion and access to the art form.

So when Casey asked me to pick out her wardrobe for a week, I thought she had hit rock bottom. I would like to see her pick out the outfits that she wants instead of looking at the price tag all the time.Buy one thing you really love instead of two things that you kind of like.The more I think about it, the last time I picked out Casey's clothes for her was for a soccer weekend when she was 10!If you want to prevent your girflriend or wife from straying, then you need to understand on the idea that, evolutionarily speaking, that we’re a promiscuous species.On the male side of things, we’ve evolved many techniques for maximizing our own reproductive chances while minimizing those of our competitors; this is known as sperm competition.If you strip away the romance and the complicated societal rules and obligations and general philosophical meandering, humanity’s purpose is very simple: we’re here to ensure the continuation of our genetic lineage. Men want to ensure that their own genes are passed along while simultaneously trying to prevent other males from impregnating the same females, thus ensuring that they’re not raising someone else’s child.

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