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Anil Sharma: “As soon as we got the bill, we paid it off.” And then… If you want to cancel it, it’s OK, but refund me my annual fee that you have charged me.” Citi refused, writing, “We respectfully decline your request for a credit of the annual fee.” So now Anil has paid 0 for a credit card that was canceled, and he never got his 60,000 miles since he wasn’t able to charge the amount needed to get those miles. Anil Sharma: “They think they are a big bank and that they can get away with it.” Consider Anil baffled by this, because if there was a reason for Citibank to cancel his card, he says it’s news to Anil’s other credit card companies.

Anil Sharma: “I received a letter saying that they had canceled my card, which was a shock.” Anil says he has very good credit, so he called the bank, which sent a letter that said, “Citibank maintains the right to close your account at any time for any reason.” But Anil says they wouldn’t tell him the reason. Anil Sharma: “And then they are enrolling people like me and canceling, and they are getting away with it. Anil Sharma: “I have other credit cards, and if there is something bad that they saw, then the other credit card companies should have also seen it, which is not the case.” Anil is going to keep fighting to get his money back, and we will do what we can to help him.

It goes without saying that following these tips demonstrates a breach of trust between married partners, something that should not be undertaken lightly. Look at the incoming and outgoing calls on your spouse's cell phone. I haven’t but he on the other hand is constantly deleting history, cache, cookies, a million email accts and I’m the crazy one.

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had the highest average credit score at 708, while Greenwood, Miss, had the lowest at 622.The local average credit card debt rose by 2.8 percent from 2015.The average debt of Houstonians, not counting mortgage debt, reached ,731 in 2016, compared with ,216 nationally.Before crawling through their personal information, we advise consulting an attorney to ensure any electronic-eavesdropping or hacking laws aren't violated—if things get ugly, you don’t want that hanging over your head.And, of course, be prepared to deal with the fallout should your spouse catch you snooping.S., manufactured in China.” You may not have never heard of the Obi phone because they are not found in the United States, but Anil sells them all over the world.

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