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It is true that in many ways, Asian Americans have done very well socially and economically.The data in the following tables was calculated using the 2000 Census Public Use Microdata Samples, and they compare the major racial/ethnic groups among different measures of what sociologists call "socioeconomic achievement." To view the full-size table of statistics, click on the graphic below.These numbers tell you that among the five major racial/ethnic groups in the U.S., Asian Americans have the highest college degree attainment rate, rates of having an advanced degree (professional or Ph.Still, the International Blasphemy Rights Day Facebook page highlights several stories of religious persecution around the world, with Michael De Dora, director of CFI's Office of Public Policy, insisting that the event is aimed at tackling oppressive blasphemy laws."What we could really use is more governments using the possibility of changing or pulling out of trade and other agreements to put some force behind these words," De Dora said of government condemnations of blasphemy laws.

The ex-Trump employee – who said he was fired after annoying Trump Sr by proposing changes that involved his company spending money – told an FBI special agent that in December 1973: “Fred Trump told me not to rent to blacks.Once the table appears, you can click on a column heading to sort up or down.You can also read the detailed description of the methodology and terminology used to create the statistics.Claims in newly released 389-page FBI dossier, relating to when Donald Trump was president of the family property company, risk causing US President fresh embarrassment, while fuelling his anger at US intelligence agencies Donald Trump’s father ordered an employee to “get rid of blacks” in an apartment block and to avoid renting out flats to them, a newly released FBI dossier has claimed.The potentially damaging allegations of racial discrimination relate to 1973 when Fred Trump was chairman of the Trump Management Company – and his son Donald was heavily involved in the family firm as its 27-year-old president.It is classified as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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