Robin dating her therapist

Meanwhile, Ted (Josh Radnor) was taking his intro to architecture class on a field trip.

He wanted to bring his class to the site of the new GNB building he is designing, but the foreman would not let his class on the site.

She then succeeds in getting Nora sent to France to cover a G-8 summit, with Robin secretly hoping to use the time she is gone to win Barney back.

She helps Barney pack up all of the items he uses for running plays, and when they go back to Mac Laren's, Robin suggests that they dress up really nice and go out on the town one last time.

Robin is attending court ordered therapy sessions stemming from an incident where she assaulted someone.

The assault had something to do with her feelings for Barney, and not being able to deal emotionally with watching Barney court Nora, especially in the public and over-the-top manner he was doing it.

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Part of that exasperation comes from what he sees as a tangent to the story he wants and needs to hear, but that Robin swears is cogent to the assault charge.

Neil Patrick Harris knocks it out if the park once again as Barney Stinson in the latest episode of "How I Met Your Mother".

Plot In A Paragraph: Jealous over Barney's relationship with Nora, Robin tells her court- appointed therapist the series of events that led up to the assault that she committed.

He said that he could not continue as Robin’s therapist because he was “moving to Alaska.” When Robin later runs into Kevin, he admits that he ended it because he was attracted to her, and he was not allowed to date his patients.

Realizing that they are attracted to each other, Robin and Kevin continue to see each other while not calling it dating.

Ted moves on to bring his class to the current GNB building, where he runs into Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). He believed that his girlfriend Nora (Nazanin Boniadi) was lying to her about her age, simply based on her detest of ewoks.

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