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One of the key takeaways from my book, How To Engineer Your Layoff, is understanding that the Human Resources department is not on your side.

First and foremost, the HR department is there to protect the company from liability.

Another manager threatened to beat an underperforming employee’s head in with a baseball bat.

Uber’s aggressive workplace culture spilled out at a global all-hands meeting in late 2015 in Las Vegas, where the company hired Beyoncé to perform at the rooftop bar of the Palms Hotel. It needs to be a wake-up call for everyone.” Lucido, though, was encouraged by Uber’s response: “I am pleased with how quickly Travis has responded to this.

Tuesday morning Uber CEO Travis Kalanick gathered his employees in an all-hands meeting to discuss the explosive allegations, said an Uber employee who attended the meeting and declined to be named.

Kalanick admitted to making mistakes, the employee said.

Among the incidents witnessed by sources: One Uber manager groped female co-workers’ breasts at a company retreat in Las Vegas.

On Tuesday, Kalanick reportedly held a Q&A meeting with employees, in which he apologized for past incidents and promised the workplace culture would improve.

was told by both HR and upper management that even though this was clearly sexual harassment and he was propositioning me, it was this man's first offense, and that they wouldn't feel comfortable giving him anything other than a warning and a stern talking-to." Fowler was told to either switch teams or remain on the team and risk a poor performance review from the offending manager.

She opted to switch teams, where she was successful.

Uber had failed to prioritize diversity and inclusion, Kalanick told his team and didn’t adequately ramp up its human resources department to keep up with the company’s explosive growth.

For some experts in the Silicon Valley ecosystem, those admissions were a sharp contrast to the confrontational, win-at-all-costs attitude often associated with Uber.

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