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Source: Warriors/character/character_pop15============================= 3. Unlocking Nobunaga Oda ============================= In order to unlock Nobunaga Oda, complete Magoichi Saika's Tale (unlocked by by completing Mitsuhide Akechi's Tale). Nobunaga's Tale ====================== This section is dedicated to a detailed explanation of Nobunaga's Tale, stage by stage.

For the sake of making the guide as helpful as possible, I have included a walkthrough for each battle; however, walkthroughs are based solely on my experience and are by no means the only way to get things done.

They really do LOOK their parts: Witt smoldering and fiery, Boitano (Don José) brooding and even dreamy at times, and Orser (Escamillo) showing great bravado.

Ezekiel “Books” Figuero (Justice Smith) is a poet who doesn’t know it, the kind of kid who thinks in rhyme but doesn’t know where to take it next.

He’s smitten with his gorgeous neighbor, Mylene Cruz (Herizon Guardiola), whose musical ambitions cannot be satisfied by the singing she does in the choir of her father’s church.

You listened to Yasmin talking about why she would like to meet Shakira.

Is there a famous female singer – alive or dead – that you’d like to meet? So Yasmin, which famous person, dead or alive would you like to meet?

Section 2 is based on someone talking about somebody or something they like. she writes her own songs – she wrote her first song when she was only 8 I think. It isn’t easy to write songs in a foreign language, but her words are great I think.

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