Shira oka dating sim


You wake up several days later and decide to go for a walk. She barely knows you, but nevertheless immediately forces you to take a magazine personality test in the middle of the road for no reason. She apparently stole your phone when you dropped it at school — three weeks ago — but now she’s giving it back to you. Over the course of the next few weeks you gradually get all your "grind stat X" activity buttons. The penguin obsession of the OP is completely lost on me, there seems to be no relation to the game at all. Not particularly good, but not shamefully bad either.

On random days there are automatic events that introduce each of the 8 billion love interests. The sprites blink and they have a mouth flap animation while talking.

The full game for Windows was released December 10th, 2010, while the Mac version was released later on January 6th, 2011.

‘Shira Oka’ is a high-school sim/dating sim/visual novel by Okashi Studios, a name which despite the name, is actually an American company based in San Francisco.

After having been in development for years, it was finally released in late 2010.

What sets it apart from the competition is the large amount of ‘polish’.

BUT, each time you play, each time you advance your skills, the story will change. Your character, and Satsuko will remember last time, you see, and more options will begin to emerge, with tantalising possibilities.

Naturally, this isn’t always flawless, and there are some moments which you will become bored with later on, as you have to relive them again and again.

Some of the students are deeply troubled while others are merely trying to follow their dreams.

It explains many of the holidays, traditions, beliefs, and cultural issues in the game. It adds educational value to the game for younger players, or for anyone who wants to learn about Japan.

J-List is a peaceful island of Japanese pop culture for you The story begins by showing that you have wasted your life and have amounted to nothing.

Shira Oka: Second Chances is an anime-themed, single-player visual novel dating sim developed by Okashi Studios.

The demo was released in English on July 11th, 2010.

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