Stats on teenage dating abuse

And, while it may seem scary, the law can help young victims of teen dating abuse just as it can help married persons who suffer from domestic violence.Teaching the types of behavior that constitute teen dating violence would be a first step toward helping teens form healthy relationships.She wasn’t able to sleep because, if one of the texts went unanswered, there would be repercussions.“From an advocacy standpoint, we’re still on the end where we have to inquire about it.It doesn’t necessarily come up freely in conversation because teens and young adults don’t recognize it as a strategy for dating abuse – to exert power and control,” says Ray-Jones.

There is encouraging news from the national Institute on Drug Abuse.

A section of the Love is Respect Web site spells out the basics of dating and healthy relationships to help young people searching for information figure out if their feelings of unease about their relationship are a sign of something more serious.“I think, as a field, we’ve gained traction in educating young people around physical abuse and verbal abuse, but how that translates over a digital platform is not something that young people have necessarily made the link to,” she said.

It is a form of dating abuse Ray-Jones feels her field is just beginning to understand, but they are “trying to be proactive with that messaging to help young people understand the risks and benefits of the digital medium.”In a 2007 Technology & Teen Dating Abuse Survey by Teenage Research Unlimited (TRU), teens reported that digital dating abuse “is a serious problem,” in which abusers try to control their partners with tactics like constant text messaging and cellphone calls, usually unbeknownst to their parents.

An estimated 1.8 million (0.8 percent) of youth age twelve and older are current users of cocaine.

Teen arrestees often test positive for recent drug use.

Teenagers at this age love the attention they get from the opposite gender.

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