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It’s kind of a storyteller unplugged.” This show will consist of Hicks on acoustic guitar and Brian Less on piano.Speaking with Hicks was like talking to an old friend: he is very nice and personable. It’s a travel/food show with eats and music, bringing to it his tour life and ownership of his restaurant, Saw’s BBQ (in Birmingham), that’s been named “Best BBQ” in The New York Times Magazine, GQ, and more.Except, Taylor kinda went off script here, which host Cat Deeley (Yes.

"I would find, like, the key that an airplane flying overhead was in or the sound of a running car," he remembers.

Taylor Hicks at "American Idol" auditions in Denver - July 10, 2015 Taylor Hicks stopped by American Idol auditions in Denver, CO and recorded a special video for Idol hopefuls.

Three weeks after Hicks's triumphant win, his first single, "Do I Make You Proud," debuted at No. In 2006, Hicks released a self-titled album that debuted at No. Hicks' parents, Brad and Pamela, divorced when he was 8 years old, and he was raised by his father and stepmother Linda.

We share many common interests like the Dead and Company, Phish, and being a foodie. The show highlights popular dishes in various states.

Hicks was enjoying some time back home with his family and friends in Birmingham, Ala. He had been on the road for about four weeks filming his new television show, “State Plate.” The show will premiere this fall on INSP Network. Hicks is hosting and said, “It’s a plate of food that has booze, appetizers, desserts, entrees that are all indigenous to their respective states.” He’s filming in Vermont and will be showcasing some food from here, too. He’s been in the restaurant business for about seven years now and said, “If you’re in Alabama, you can’t not be a foodie.

The contestants listen to pitches from single women/men (yes, there will be a few episodes with female contestants) with their backs turned to them. I love cheesy singing shows of all kinds, whether reality or scripted.

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