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"I would turn all applications to see if there was anything open that was using the camera so it wasn't," he said."I thought it was probably a technical difficulty and thought nothing of it.The 6-week-old hatchlings were only to happy to take part in the meal with everyone on the webcam watching.According to a Facebook post by the Western Pennsylvania Audubon Society, they believe the cat was already deceased.

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The Lower Merion School District admits it captured thousands of webcam photographs and screen shots from student laptops in a misguided effort to locate missing computers.

The first egg should be laid around mid-March and hatch around mid-April.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says there are now 40 pairs of falcons around the state.

Lower Merion High School student Blake Robbins, then 15, charged in an explosive civil-rights lawsuit filed in February that the district used its remote tracking technology to spy on him inside his home.

Later evidence unearthed in the case showed that he was photographed 400 times in a two-week period, sometimes as he slept in his bedroom, according to his lawyer, Mark Haltzman.

PITTSBURGH– Bald Eagles in Western Pennsylvania are causing an internet meltdown.

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