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Dennis Hour and Isabelle Du are a Newly Dating team on the 25th season of The Amazing Race.They came into the season having extensively studied up on and prepared for the Race. Petersburg, Russia, dating couple Jill & Thomas returned to the top of the leaderboard while another dating couple, Nick & Vicki, had difficulties completing either side of a difficult Detour as they plummeted into last place. Departing the Pit Stop in first place at pm, doctors Nat & Kat opened their clue instructing them to travel over 1,200 miles by car, train, and plane to St. Once there, teams had to make their way to Vasilievsky Island and find the Rostral Columns.The following morning at am, all seven teams boarded an overnight train heading to Stockholm, Sweden.As teams raced to Seoul, South Korea for a spot in the final three, dating couple Nick & Vicki started the leg hours behind and missed the flight carrying the other teams leading to their elimination from the race.LAST CHANCE Departing the Pit Stop in first place at pm, doctors Nat & Kat ripped open their clue instructing them to fly 1,300 miles to Seoul, South Korea.

When they landed, they had to travel to the Graceland Wedding Chapel to get their next clue from the King. No matter what stage of relationship you find yourself in, it can get, well…complicated.Besides being the first women on the podium, the Season 4 champions of The Amazing Race Canada, Steph Le Clair and Kristen Mc Kenzie, have been social conveners since the race ended in Montreal.Hopefully somebody gets lost or something." Nick added, "It really comes down to a miracle." RUN FOR THE BORDER Landing in Seoul, South Korea on an overcast, rainy morning, the lead three teams jumped into their cars and started the drive towards the North Korean border.Nat later commented, "Driving to the border, it was such a politically charged adventure." Thomas added, "Just knowing the issues between, not only North Korea and South Korea, but North Korea and a lot of the free world, it was unbelievable." Brook joked, "Maybe if we could create an alliance with North Korea and look out for the other teams and put them in timeout or something. After putting on wetsuits and helmets, Jill & Thomas, with the help of river guides, carried their raft down the rocky path to the edge of the water and jumped in as Brook & Claire and Nat & Kat followed close behind.A perturbed Stephanie sarcastically snapped back, "You're right. Everything's my fault." After the couple finally flagged a taxi down, Stephanie continued to respond to Chad's assertions about her speed, adding, "Don't be pissed because we got the last taxi and you're going to blame it on me.

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