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How do you find out if statistics are correct, and what can you do if the automatic update of statistics isn't right for the way a table is used?

Statistics are critical metadata used by SQL Server’s query optimizer, which influence the selected execution plan for a query.

You cannot control the order in which multiple row triggers fire.

Therefore, you should not write triggers intended to affect the content of the materialized view. In other words, the database fires the triggers instead of performing DML on the view.

Cannot drop the publication because at least one subscription exists for this publication.

Drop all subscriptions to the publication before attempting to drop the publication.

Oracle Database automatically executes a trigger when specified conditions occur.

When you create a trigger, the database enables it automatically.

You can see the associated compiler error messages with the SQL*Plus command statement modifies data in the master table.EMPLOYEE AFTER INSERT AS BEGIN INSERT INTO EMPLOYEE_BACKUP SELECT * FROM INSERTED END GOOur trigger has been successfully created.Now, we will insert a record in employee table, and we will have the same record in employee_backup table because we have created an AFTER INSERT trigger on employee table.Could not subscribe to publication ‘%s’ because non-SQL Server Subscriber ‘%s’ only supports values of ‘character’, ‘bcp character’, ‘concurrent_c’, and ‘database snapshot character’ for the @sync_me The server ‘%s’ is already defined as a Distributor.To reconfigure the server as a Distributor, you must first uninstall the exisiting Distributor.If the proble The parameter must be ‘description’, ‘taskid’, ‘sync_method’, ‘status’, ‘repl_freq’, ‘restricted’, ‘retention’, ‘immediate_sync’, ‘enabled_for_internet’, ‘allow_push’, ‘allow_pull’, ‘allow_anonymous’, or ‘retention’.

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