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I then looked at the github link the author posted and finally saw the client side. Thanks leftyx Just to add on to Lefty X's answer, here's how you can completely control the response being sent to the client once the context is rejected.

Resetting forgotten login passwords of domain users is a crucial bottleneck, which a help desk technician has to handle as a routine.

•Posture Service –Understanding the Posture Service –Posture Compliance Dashlet –Viewing Posture Reports •Posture Administration Settings in Cisco ISE –Posture General Settings –Posture Reassessments –Posture Updates –Posture Acceptable Use Policy •Client Posture Assessments in Cisco ISE –Client Posture Assessment Policies •Custom Conditions for Posture •Posture Results –Custom Posture Remediation Actions –Client Posture Assessment Requirements •Custom Authorization Policies for Posture •Custom Permissions for Posture The Network Admission Control (NAC) Agents that are installed on the clients interact with the posture service to enforce security policies on all the endpoints that attempt to gain access to your protected network.

At the same time, the NAC Agents enforce security policies on noncompliant endpoints by blocking network access to your protected network.

However, there's one additional piece of information I need in bearer token that I don't know how to implement.I type in 'ipconfig' into the command prompt and the message Media Disconnected comes up.The same message appears in Windows 7 but that laptop connects to the router and Internet fine.They assist you in evaluating clients against posture policies, and as well as enforce clients to meet requirements that are required for compliance with your organization's security policies.The posture service checks the state (posture) of the clients for compliance with your corporate security policies before the client gains the privileged network access.Password Reset DEMO With ADSelf Service Plus, domain users can self reset their ldap active directory password securely with ease by answering a set of self configured validation questions.

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