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This is closely tied with Specific Object Type Declaration.If you're going to work with another application, such as Word, declare your OLE object directly, rather than as an Object type variable.When I’ve finished building a solution in Excel, I like to give it a little polish, and really make it easy for my users to update it. Test it again by adding some more data to the table then clicking the button.The last thing I want to do is to send them right clicking and refreshing everywhere, so I program a button to refresh Power Query with VBA. Let’s just grab the sample data file from my post on pulling Excel named ranges into Power Query. I write a lot of VBA to make my users lives easier, and generally use this kind of technique as part of a bigger goal.There are few absolute rules for optimizing VBA; you'll see the best increases in performance by streamlining the basic logic.Normally, Excel will recalculate a cell or a range of cells when that cell's or range's precedents have changed.

In the latter category might fall a custom splash screen or a check to see if the workbook is still in use.

For example, if you have three worksheets ("Sheet1", "Sheet2", and "Sheet3") in a workbook ("My Workbook"), you can reference "Sheet2" with either Whenever you can, declare values as constants, rather than variables.

Since their values never change, they are evaluated only once when your code is compiled, rather than each time they are used at run time.

You can also click the Zoom button in the ribbon and set it back to 100%.

Click the button in the ribbon to open the zoom dialog and select the desired zoom level.

And, I am sure the readers will come up with various different uses for this technique.

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