What women wish men knew about dating

What Women Wish You Knew about Dating equips men with the skills they need to begin dating. Simpson educates men about spiritual and psychological obstacles to dating and provides solutions to the problems that often interfere with a healthy, holy dating life.With a unique blend of biblical principles, psychological insight, practical advice, and humor, this book shows the reader how to be a man, date like a man, and get that relationship off to a great start.This book includes a blend of: - Biblical principles - Psychological insight - Practical advice Part 1: Becoming a Man - "Never Tells Me the Odds" - Guys versus Men - Living before Dating - Why do You Want a Girlfriend?- Being a Man with Women Part 2: Dating Like a Man - The Top Five Myths of Christian Dating - Where to Start?As we become better friends, we enjoy spending more time and going on creative and adventurous dates."What Women Wish You Knew about Dating" was written to equip men with the skills they need to begin dating.When you’re planning a group thing, think about people we would like to hang out with. Asking questions always wins points – You show that you’re interested in listening when you ask questions.We love it when you’re interested in getting to know “the real us.” 5.

Don’t get jealous if we sometimes spend more time with them – it really is nothing personal and we’ll think you’re so much cooler if you just go with it.’ 8) Don’t play stupid – it’s not cute ‘Everyone has the occasional ditzy moment and yes it’s sweet and funny in small doses, but we’re not as clueless as we seem and it is very easy to tell when you’re putting it on.Whether just entering the dating game or back after being widowed or divorced, men of all ages will benefit from this straightforward and candid treatment of male sexuality and dating. You might think it's because of sexual purity issues, but it's not just that. Questions about morality, theology, worship, intimacy, and God's will get involved.Relationships are hard enough for men that don't care about this kind of stuff. Also, non-Christian guys don't care as much about a woman's relationship with God.The author offers and understanding regarding the spiritual and psychological obstacles, including solutions to the problems that often interfere with a healthy, holy dating life.It is intended to teach you how to be a man, date like a man, and successfully start a relationship.What’s really on your mind is that the guy you’re going out with doesn’t ruin the whole thing by bringing you wilted gas station flowers or that he isn’t wearing the same pair of Converse sneakers and faded jeans when you first met.

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