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She said: 'I've just got through two very difficult years, with the deaths of my mother and my friend Lynda Bellingham.

Lynda and I starred in At Home With the Braithwaites together, and it was so hard to lose her.

The 23-year-old actress is the daughter of one of Britain’s best-loved actresses, Amanda Redman (star of BBC1’s New Tricks), or, as Emily affectionately calls her, the Glamazon. But I was thinking, “I’ve got to go to school tomorrow!

‘When I was a child I can remember that if Mum was getting ready to go to a showbiz do, the air would be filled with that smell. It brings back so many memories.’There are memories, too, of her famous mother getting a lot of attention at the school gate. ”’Although she describes her teenage self as the classic ugly duckling, today at our photo shoot – the first in her career as a professional actress – it’s clear that she’s now a swan, with curves where God intended them to be.

‘Mum and I have the same attitude to weight,’ she says.

And her granddad, John Glenister, directed some of Britain’s most popular television dramas, including Rumpole of the Bailey.The funeral was in her home town of Brighton, where she also buried her brother, Tim, a few years ago.This time, it was the death of an old family friend she had known since childhood. In the meantime, I was the geek with the bushy brown hair and the goofy teeth.’Not, she says, that she was bothered by her looks. Mind you, I was mortified when Mum appeared on Richard & Judy and told them I was a boffin. ” I think Mum just thought it meant that I was clever. She’d come to a parents’ evening having thrown on whatever had been lying on the floor, which inevitably happened to be the most beautiful dress that you’ve ever seen and, of course, it would look amazing on her stunning figure.The star, whose husband Damian Schnabel is 15 years her junior, has a 25-year-old daughter called Emily from her previous marriage to actor Robert Glenister, but admitted she had kept hoping for another addition to the family until recently.

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