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The retired general has been offered the role of national security advisor, a transition official told CNN Thursday.

The younger Flynn serves as his father's chief of staff and top aide, attending events alongside his father and working for his father's consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group.

In 2002, Shaq married (now ex-wife) Shaunie Nelson and went on to have five children with her before they divorced after 8 years of marriage.

Throughout the marriage, Shaq continually cheated on his then wife, and in 2007 he began seeing Atlanta-based rapper Alexis Miller, who goes by the stage name Mary Jane.

Taylor Spreitler I was never a pretty girl, so I wasn't the one to get the boy. Sometimes I wonder if I do that too much with roles I play, because if I'm absolutely truthful, I quite like being the best friend, or the supporting role, and actually I ought to gear-change and make myself the leading role.

“Once at a party at the Playboy Mansion, she curled up in a chair and fell asleep.”Jennifer Aniston: “Jen is very free when it comes to showing off her body,” said a former bodyguard. That’s what a former employee dubbed the gorgeous Oscar winner a few years ago. Those two are the farthest thing from Hollywood glamour. ”Paris Hilton: One former bodyguard for the hotel heiress and reality star said she didn’t like to pay for her wardrobe.

The son of top Donald Trump adviser and retired Army Lt. Michael Flynn regularly shares conspiracy theories, expletive-filled posts, and racially insensitive sentiments on Twitter and Facebook, a CNN KFile review of his social media presence reveals. Flynn, shared stories alleging top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin had a connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, pushed a conspiracy theory that Sen.

Marco Rubio was a closeted homosexual who abused cocaine, and repeatedly used expletives to attack Trump's political opponents.

In 1998, a police report was filed by a Disneyworld employee claiming Shaq grabbed her from behind and wouldn’t let go when she rebuffed his advances.

The District Attorney did not pursue the case because the witness stopped cooperating.

His Facebook and Twitter picture are him in an Info Wars t-shirt.

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