Who is kevjumba dating

He has connections with the DOMINICshow, Happy Slip and Ryan Higa.

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However, that's not true because Man Up was filmed in 2013, when he was still actively posting videos.I’m just writing this quick post because a lot of people are talking about it, and knowing the internet, a lot of people are giving both YTF and Kevjumba shit for the split. However, no matter what they choose to do, they’re not doing it just to hurt anybody deliberately.It would be fun to assume that there was a big explosion of drama over the split and that there were disagreements on both sides. I don’t really know what happened, and to be honest, I don’t really care, and not because I don’t care about YTF or Kevjumba, but because as long as they keep doing what they love to do, I’m content.Kevin Wu (traditional Chinese: 吳凱文; simplified Chinese: 吴凯文; pinyin: Wú Kǎiwén; (born June 12, 1990) is a Chinese American and Taiwanese American comedian and You Tube celebrity who is best known by his You Tube username of Kev Jumba.As of December 2011, he is You Tube's seventh most subscribed comedian and tenth most subscribed user overall.I heard another rumor saying that he was a Buddhist monk now and he was now studying Buddhism. I couldn't find any proof as to the fact that he was.

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