Who is salman khan dating


Rumours of Salman Khan dating Amy Jackson have been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

While Salman never spoke about it in public, Amy has now responded to the buzz.

Salman Khan is more often in the news for his single status than in appreciation of his movies.

The media constantly wants to know whom and when he will marry and Salman comes back with witty answers such as “I’m a virgin” leaving the rest of the world flabbergasted.

Amy said that any girl would like to date Salman, but she denied the rumours adding that she is single.

"Who wouldn't want to date Salman Khan, but I am single and not dating anyone," Amy said at the cover launch of a magazine.

So here is a peek into the hearthrob who is forever dating and the story of his 16 girlfriends!!!

This is way back in the 1980s when the lovely Sangeeta had just won Miss India.

I mean, we all know how Salman has held the back of so many aspiring actresses in the past; Katrina Kaif being the best example.

In 2005 Salman featured Sneha Ullal, a look alike of Aishwarya in his movie Considered the last of his serious relationships, Salman and Katrina dated for a few years and caused quite a stir when they broke up in 2010.

The two reportedly remain friends despite an ugly break up.

From a very long time there were rumours that Bollywood actor Salman Khan is dating Romanian TV star Lulia Vantur.

Also recently there were also rumours that the actor is secretly engaged to Lulia and wedding will happen early next year, but later Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma trashed all the rumours on twitter..” While everyone was playing the guessing game if Salman Khan is secretly engaged or no, the actor himself spoke about the same recently in an interview.

She met him as a young girl of 19 in 1993 and they dated for a while before alleged issues regarding Salman’s drinking habits and obsessive behaviour is rumoured to have caused the split.

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