Who is tony from no doubt dating


When Gwen Stefani walked into the Anaheim house she shared with her brother and bandmates, she heard Eric Stefani playing a tender piano figure that stopped her in her tracks.

The pair immediately set about writing the song that would become "Don't Speak".

You have to find that balance, and I think we've achieved that."We spoke with Kanal about the origins of Dreamcar, their music, their touring plans and what their existence means for the future of No Doubt. We finally started writing some music together, but we weren't going to go out and look for somebody to be the singer for this project – that just didn't make any sense, and I don't think that would have worked. [Laughs] We took him to one of our favorite restaurants in L. – this was back in, like, May 2014 – and we said, "Hey, we've got a bunch of tracks, and we wanted to know if you'd be interested in working on some music with us." And he was like, "Yep!

It was more about someone coming onto our radar, and that's kind of what happened with Davey. Well, we knew Davey from the music scene, and seeing his bands play. about a year later, and I would see him out and about, since we eat at similar places. "We sent him the stuff we'd been working on a day or two later; and in a few days we got back these four ideas from him, and it was like, "Awww, this could be interesting and cool!

The band acted out their frustrations in the video.

(Tom says "If it looks like we're acting well it's probably because we weren't really acting.") creator George Lucas's daughter is a huge No Doubt fan.

magazine cover (where Gwen is only showcased on the cover) was the inspiration for the "Don't Speak" video.

It's amazing how people can truly remain genuine friends after such an album-making break-up, no? And apparently, we're not alone, because during a recent interview, band members Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal openly discussed why it took them so long to get working on tune-age together once again, how the lead singer feels about her solo career, and what exactly went into the song-writing process this time around!

We had no idea what he was going to come back with.

But you just know if something's working, though; there's a feeling inside that you can't quantify, but it just happens. " Over the course of the next two years, I think we wrote 30 ideas, 12 of which made it onto the album.

Gwen Stefani's romantic relationships have been quite the rollercoaster ride!

On Wednesday, the singer stopped by Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show and opened up about how she and Gavin Rossdale got together in the first place! In fact, the blonde beauty confessed that the Bush frontman sort of stalked her after she and her ex, No Doubt's Tony Kanal, met him at a 1995 concert, saying: "I had basically gone to the show with Tony for the second night because we weren't playing that night. Gwen Stefani may be the breakout star of her iconic '90s rock band, but now that she's focusing all of her time on an elusive solo career and relationship with Blake Shelton, it looks like her boys are finally ready to move on.

"Don't Speak" went through various overhauls, some at the behest of their producer, Matthew Wilder, and each more lachrymose than the last.

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