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I should feel cocky funny and my body language should convey it. nice guy (come across as needy, not challenging, boring, not sexually exciting, fake.

Like doing things you don’t want to do, blindly agreeing with her, accepting ride behavior and shit,try hard to impress her, acting needy, hiding my personality and acting all pg, just act honestly and never seek her approval, express my opinions and personality, I ultimately come first, active selfishness).2- There is an abundance of women( adopting the scarcity mindset will convey neediness, she will lose interest in me, she will be in control, I will be unwilling to take risks, I will put too much emphasis on winning or losing , dwelling on missed opportunity, feeling attachment too soon, confessing feelings too soon.)(the abundance mindset, show that I am willing to walk away, the woman must know that she can mess up and if she messes up I am willing to walk out of that door.

Don’t let anything slide, women test my integrity, remember shit tests, and the more integrity I have the more I won’t use excuses and justifications)Rational thinking (it’s the sign of the alpha attitude, firm control over my emotions, only I can control my emotions and I am never affected by anyone.)Self awareness (I know where my strengths and weaknesses are so I am able to make my own plan for myself, stress and anxiety that comes from uncertainty disappears.) -charismatic(being able to instill, confidence in others, able to get the others exited about my passions, have a well rounded list of interest that I do for the sake of doing and not to say that I am doing them or impress people.)Confident (the best thing you can teach someone is confidence, it’s the acceptance of my own uniqueness, not feeling the need to be like other people, or feeling that there is something wrong with them or they do not deserve things.

a confident person is just a person who is accepting of what he is and does not care what people think, he knows what he wants and he is not held back by a feeling of inadequacy)Master communicator( can influence others, speak with conviction, assertiveness and pride, he sits back and observes people and knows how to deal with them, listening and observing are great traits to take on remember that.)Well presented(carefully perfected style and image, knows what looks good on me, well groomed, wears items that displays my personality and I am not afraid to stand out.)Drive( it’s the compulsion to do better, must know what motivates me and be passionate about it, won’t let others decide where I am headed know how to motivate myself, remember the rocky speech about life, I have drive I can go through life energized and happy ).

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